Helmond, Holland 2014

We had been very proud of our little Stallion. He had been in the class 30 " and under. Thanks Ced and Tanja he won in Amateur class and the professionels the next day 4 times the first place in Senior Stallion 30" and under. For Bruno, Silas and me it was a nice time to meet all the Miniaturhorses friends since a long time again. We had nice talks and we were really excited about the wonderful horse qualitiy we could see this weekend. There had been the best farms all around Europe in this area.


4 times first place in: Senior Stallion 30" under
the happy owner of our sweet guy
and there is always somebody who has to look that everything is right!
Ced and Beyond just in action, Thanks for giving us the great opportunity this showyear
Tanja and Beyond, Thanks for showing him in Amateur class
Thanks Kevin Lathouwers for helping
the amazing numbers of horses taking part
Thanks to Patricia for preparing our horse


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